I personally appreciate CTV’s work in advocating high judicial standards and ethics and for supporting judicial candidates who follow a traditional judicial philosophy.
Cliff Taylor – Former Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice
“CTV is a faithful, conservative voice in Michigan politics that effectively utilizes grassroots power to achieve a values-driven agenda. This organization is bold and successful. Michigan needs CTV now more than ever.”
Brian Calley – Lt. Governor
“CTV represents a large and growing segment of Michigan’s population, those who are dedicated to traditional values. Their willingness to engage the legislature in debate and their efforts to promote legislation designed to protect and strengthen traditional values greatly benefits the entire populace of Michigan.”
Wayne Kuipers – Former State Senator
“We cannot allow the liberals to succeed in dismantling the very core of our democracy: Christian principles and the family. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to help fund the CTV vision.”
Judy Emmons – State Senator
Mike Bishop
“CTV remains a voice of reason and a strong advocate for traditional family values at a time when our country needs it the most. We need to rally behind them to ensure their leadership continues in the future.”
Mike Bishop – Former State Senate Majority Leader
Jim Barrett
“CTV is an important and effective voice in Michigan on issues relating to culture and public policy.”
Jim Barrett – Former Michigan Chamber of Commerce President
Guy Richardson
“CTV has a proven strategy to influence Michigan from the halls of public policy to the voting booth. For 25 years, they have obtained “more bang for their buck” than any other organization I have contributed to, worked with or observed in my 35 plus years of work in the public and private business arena.”
Guy Richardson – President of Advance Employment
Terri Lynn Land
“Citizens for Traditional Values is a grassroots organization that promotes civic involvement at the most important level – within families . . . CTV’s efforts to inform and engage citizens is a model of democracy in action.”
Terri Lynn Land – Former Michigan Secretary of State
State Senator Phil Pavlov
“If you believe, like I do, that our future depends on our ability to strengthen the family unit, CTV offers the best platform to express that message.”
Phil Pavlov – State Senator