About Citizens for Traditional Values

Citizens for Traditional Values (CTV) was founded in the mid-1980s by a core group of passionate citizens who were deeply concerned about America’s rapidly declining moral and political culture.

CTV is a 501(c)(4) non-profit civic league and has a Michigan Political Action Committee dedicated to the following ideals.

Faith and Family: Preserving the influence of faith and family as the great foundation of American freedom embodied in our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Sanctity of Life: Protecting our God-given, inalienable right to life from conception through every stage of life.

Proper Role of Government: Promoting a free enterprise philosophy of limited government that includes freedom from excessive taxation and government regulation.

Excellence in Education: Providing freedom for families to pursue their natural and fundamental right to direct the care and education of their children.

Today, CTV is the longest surviving multi-issue social conservative organization in Michigan. While other organizations have come and gone, it remains our firm conviction that the Judeo-Christian principles which resulted in the greatest free nation in the history of the world must be preserved – even if it takes a lifetime of engagement.

Through times of both conservative and liberal majorities in the State Legislature, CTV has built solid long-term working relationships with lawmakers and their staff. We monitor legislative activity, strategize with lawmakers on the most effective way to advance conservative public policy, speak regularly with media throughout Michigan and provide an intelligent and informed viewpoint for committee hearings.

Our goal as an organization is to preserve, defend and promote traditional family values in all of Michigan’s government – including the Courts.

Citizens for Traditional Values is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. Contributions are not tax deductible. Corporate checks accepted.