About Michigan All Rise

MichiganAllRise.org is a consortium of Michigan church and lay leaders who recognize the critical importance of electing “rule-of-law” vs. “activist” judges at all levels of the judiciary.

This initiative was first launched during the hotly contested 2000 Supreme Court elections in Michigan. CTV took the opportunity to educate the religious leaders and their communities on the importance of electing conservative judges.

A video highlighting the importance of a conservative judicial philosophy was mailed to hundreds of pastors across the state. Nearly 3,000 churches were contacted by letter, video tapes, phone calls or personal contacts. 35,000 friend to friend cards were distributed, and the targeted Supreme Court race was highlighted on over 110,000 voter guides through-out the state. Similar efforts continued into 2012.

The beginning of Michigan’s “rule of law court” began when three conservative Justices were elected to the bench in 2000. According to multiple news articles, Michigan’s Supreme Court has continued to be one of the “most conservative” in the nation. Our freedoms such as the constitutional protections for job providers, preservation of one man, one woman marriage, rights to free speech, and more have been maintained because the majority of our state’s justices have appropriately adhered to the constitution and the law.

The rule of law mindset represented on our current High Court, versus political pandering or compromising bias common to today’s judges, has been a tremendous benefit to our state. It has also set a precedent for other courts across the nation to follow.