Rick Snyder.big pictureDear Michigan Traditional Family Value Voters:

Governor Rick Snyder has focused almost exclusively on the critical and urgent economic issues facing Michigan. Although he has received much criticism for some of his positions, there are a number of other outcomes during the last four years that social conservatives should consider in determining which candidate to vote for on November 4, 2014.

Although some may be tempted to stay home on Election Day, remember that a non-vote actually supports the candidate who least reflects your values.

Here are some important items to consider as you go to the polls.


  • Chose Brian Calley, a strong Christian conservative, as his Lt. Governor running mate.
  • Chose Dick Posthumus, another Christian conservative leader, to head up his legislative team as Legislative Director.
  • Did not sign the annual “Gay Pride Month” Proclamation that was signed by Governor Jennifer Granholm for the previous eight years.
  • Signed the Right to Life billin 2012 imposing restrictions on abortion clinics and physicians.
  • Appointed Brian Zahra and David Viviano, two strong “rule of law” Judges, to the Michigan Supreme Court.
  • Advocated for Israel’s right to exist and for greater rights for women in Muslim countries.

It is imperative to thoroughly evaluate the candidates and then choose those who come closest to representing your views. For more information on the top two candidates in the Gubernatorial race, visit these websites:

Governor Rick Snyder’s campaign website
Snyder on the issues

Mark Schauer’s campaign website
Schauer on the issues

Yours for good government,
Citizens for Traditional Values