Help Us Spread the Word

How to help us build the coalition


Step One: Join the Coalition

Go to our sign-up page and become a coalition member.

Step Two: Take us to Your Leader!

This may be your pastor, priest, or rabbi, or it could simply be the leader of an organization in your community that deals with issues of concern to conservatives such as a crisis pregnancy center. Just go to our Pastor Letter page, then either e-mail it to your leader, or print it out and hand it to him.

Step Three: Take us to Your Family and Friends

We’ve made it easy to e-mail your friends and family with a link to the website.

Step Four: Become a Church Liaison

Becoming a Church Liaison allows you to help implement our Pews to the Polls program!

Step Five: Support MAR Financially

Your support goes a long way towards educating voters about the importance of electing rule-of-law judges!

Step Six: Vote to the Bottom of the Ballot!

Remember, the candidates for Michigan Supreme Court Justice are on the non-partisan portion of your ballot!


Please use the social share tabs to distribute among your network.