iStock_000018331031_Small - Vote SignThe Election Day is Here! If you are interested in following the results over the next 24 hours, here are a few suggested resources.

From CTV:
We will share updates on our social media
Twitter @ctvmi

We will have updates on our website by the end of the week with our next round of leaders.

Part of the fun in experiencing this process, is to track this information yourself.

For Your Local Elections
Find your local clerk and watch their website. Or, call them the night of the election or the next morning with a request for the results.

It depends on the County but some areas are on top of tracking this information for you. For example, here is the site for Oakland County.

Your local newspaper or news station may be following the results. Watch their twitter and Facebook pages for potential updates.

For the State Results
Find your candidate and follow their status reports. They will be announcing as soon as results are in on if they were victorious.

Follow the MI Secretary of State website (they may not have real-time results)
Explore statewide Newspapers


Detroit Free Press

Click On Detroit

Again, it depends on the counties but some counties will track multiple seats and regions.

Oakland County

For National Elections
Real Clear Politics


New York Times

Watch TV News (CNN, Fox News)

Follow results online via news sources (TheBlaze, CNN, FoxNews)

Find a blogger, reporter, or friend who follows things closely and watch their social media feeds.

Remember, in many cases it can get down to the wire and candidates’ victories can hang in the balance by a few dozen votes.

Continue to pray for leaders, candidates, their families and all those who may be in authority.

Have a great Election Day!