Silhouette Family By Kristen Ward

So it’s Thursday, a couple days after the election. Regardless of the outcome, whether your candidate won or lost, the earth is still turning on its axis, the sun will continue to rise and set, and you will go about your business just as you have done each day before. That said, many of you will wake with a nagging suspicion that you might have left something on the table leading up to yesterday’s election. For those of you personally vested in the election, whether it be as a candidate, campaign manager, political operative, or the everyday voter, you did. The reality is that we ALL did.

We put the weight of “fixing” all that we see as wrong on the candidate or cause of our choosing. The truth of the matter is a newly elected public servant CAN NOT fix all that is wrong in our communities, states, or our nation. Where we fall short is in living out the life we have been called to live. If every citizen, or even a majority of the citizens, in our communities would just live out the life they have been commissioned to live in a way that honors the Lord and their family, the amount of “fixing” that’s required will be greatly diminished.

Too often, we put the fate of our communities in the outcomes of an election. However, if we can be honest with ourselves, the future of any community lies in the hands of the family. When the family unit steps up and takes on a model of personal responsibility and servant-hood, communities will begin to thrive. The focus will once again be on the future of the next generation and not so short-sighted. Governor Scott Walker said it best,

“I’ve often heard the complaint from both Republican and Democrat voters alike that they hate the fact that politicians get into office…and they’re fearful to make tough decisions because they think more about the next election than they do about the next generation.”

Elections have a way of bringing out a little of the dark side in all of us, and the General Election of 2014 is no exception. Regardless of which side of the aisle we align ourselves with, we are often quick to throw stones at the opposition. It’s easy to see the faults of the other side, especially when we, in our arrogance, fail to see where we fall short. We fail to seek the whole truth beyond the campaign rhetoric and make educated, prayerful decisions based on fact rather than emotion. It is time we start living by example and stop the stone throwing and start walking in truth. What’s the harm in praising your candidate for their skills and talents as opposed to tearing down your opponent? The venomous tone of so many this election cycle is truly disgraceful.

I encourage you to move on and be an example of the personal responsibility that is so greatly lacking in our communities today. Be an example of what it looks like to not give up. Be an example of what it looks like to live a life worthy of the calling, and get back on the horse for 2016, ready and prepared with the truth.

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Ways to stay engaged.[hr]Bio: Kristen served as the Executive Director of the Kent County Republican Party and most recently as Chief Operating Officer of the Student Statesmanship Institute. She serves on the board of Groundwork Guatemala.

She and her incredible husband, Brad, currently live in West Michigan where they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first child sometime before Christmas.[hr]The opinions of guest columnists do not necessarily reflect the views of Citizens for Traditional Values.