Introducing the New MAR Project Chairman, Representative Ken Kurtz

KURTZ_HS_0812 SmallMy recent time and experience in the Michigan Legislature, along with my previous tenure in business and as a pastor has led me to become much more passionate in recognizing the direction of not only our nation but also our state. I have learned first hand the importance of communication on the issues that pertain to our religious liberty, the structure of family and the role of government. As never before we are faced with challenges that defy our heritage, question any moral conviction and cast aside sincerely held beliefs.

Serving in the legislature has also sharpened my awareness as to the importance of our courts. They and they alone will continue to be the final block to efforts that would redefine marriage, parental rights and our religious freedoms. Making people of faith aware that there are those who would choose to interpret the constitution outside and beyond the law is an ongoing mission that must be pursued with diligence. I have witnessed the importance of electing people of strong moral standing, who possess a workable knowledge of the rights established within our constitution. I firmly believe we are best served by judges who are elected as rule of law justices committed to ruling based on the constitution.

To stem the tide of an ever increasing secular court system, we must seize this opportunity to become more informed and encouraged in strengthening a future that holds true and deep values above all else. And we must convey a message of truth in a caring manner, respectful of our fellow man. With this call to action in mind, I have agreed to work on behalf of Citizens for Traditional Values by advocating for the effort, encouraging people to vote with knowledge and conviction. It is becoming more critical every year that we secure a conservative court to uphold what our forefathers established and what we all know to be true and right for this generation and those to follow.

State Representative Ken Kurtz was elected to his third and final term in the Michigan House of Representatives in November 2012, representing Hillsdale and Branch county residents.

His professional experience is as a former small-business owner who owned and operated three funeral homes in the area. Rep Kurtz has also served as pastor of the United Brethen Church in Coldwater.

While in office he has been a leading voice for the sanctity of life, religious freedoms and traditional family values. Citizens for Traditional Values is honored to have him join the team as Program Chairman for the 2014 Michigan All Rise Judicial project.

Ken and his wife, Diane, have been married for 40 years and have two adult children. Ken enjoys hunting, fishing and singing gospel music. Ken has been honored to serve with on the Board of Directors for Hands for Mercy and among many other things, is a member of Gideon’s International.

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