JusticeZahra_1Michigan Supreme Court Justice Brian Zahra was honored by CTV and the Information Network for Christian Homes with the 2014 Leadership Award. The award was presented to Justice Zahra at INCH’s 31st annual Home Education Conference’s opening session Friday, May 16. In front of the 2,000 member audience, James Muffett, President of CTV, conveyed the sentiments of both organizations by expressing appreciation for Justice Zahra’s leadership.

This annual award recognizes public servants who serve with distinction and exemplify Christian character in public office. Justice Zahra’s was specifically chosen for his leadership and steadfast adherence to the rule of law while serving on the Michigan Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.

CTV President James Muffett said,

“We were thrilled when Governor Rick Snyder appointed Brian Zahra to the Supreme Court and are excited to present this year’s award to him. It is important for those of us who believe in judicial restraint to honor those who simply interpret rather than make the law from the bench. Brian Zahra is a shining example of what a judge should be.”

In his remarks to the crowd, Justice Zahra said:

“It is rarely the case that recognition is given to a traditional jurist like myself who believes in limited constitutional government, separation of powers and the people’s right to govern themselves through their elected legislators.

“Rare is the group that appreciates judges who are dedicated to the notion that the proper role of the judge is to say exactly what the law is and not what an all powerful judiciary believes it should be. And that is why I am so honored to be here to accept this award tonight.”

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