Judicial Activism in the United States

What are activist judges? Why are they dangerous? We’ve compiled a few excellent articles here to help answer these questions.

The Danger Of Judicial Activism (James Muffett, President of Citizens for Traditional Values)

“There is a battle in our nation between those who believe that judges should follow the law as intended by the legislature, and those who think judges have latitude to interpret the law according to their view of what the law ought to be. The latter are referred to as…”

Judicial Activism and the Threat to the Constitution (Family Research Council)

“Judicial power can be used, and has been used, for both good and ill. However, in a basically just democratic republic, judicial power should never be exercised—even for desirable ends—lawlessly. Judges are not legislators. The legitimacy of their decisions…”

Stop the Mischief of Activist Judges (Phyllis Schlafly)

“The enormous damage that activist judges have inflicted on America is described in the new book by Judge Robert H. Bork called Coercing Virtue: The Worldwide Rule of Judges. The title is rather misleading; the judicial oligarchy is not dic-tating virtue but enforcing a new ideology…”

Justice Hijacked Report (From American Justice Partnership)

“Over the past 10 years, a highlycoordinated, well-funded campaign has been underway to fundamentally alter the composition of America’s state
courts. The campaign’s goal: exclude conservative, rule-of-law judges from the bench. This campaign has been bankrolled…”