Pastor Letter


Dear Faith Leader,

While most people will be focused on the Presidential election this fall, there is another contest of critical importance for Michigan citizens—the Michigan Supreme Court. In general, the American courts have done great damage to the rule of law through judicial activism, which is when a judge applies his or her own policy preferences to uphold a statute or other government action clearly forbidden by the Constitution or the plain language of the statute. In our view, this is one of the gravest threats to personal and religious freedoms, traditional family values and the free market principles that make our country great.

Thankfully, since 2000, Michigan has been blessed to have one of the most conservative State Supreme Courts in America! However, in 2008 millions of dollars were spent to unseat one Justice in an attempt to remake the Court. With three seats on the bench up for election this fall, those who would seek to add liberal activist judges will once again be out in full force. We may, in fact, be only one election away from a major ideological shift in the Court!

Sadly, the judicial elections are often overlooked because they are non-partisan and are located at the bottom of the ballot. Therefore, there is always a huge drop-off of people who actually record their votes all the way to the end.

That is why Clergy for a Conservative Court is so important and we are asking for your help and support! Although we are seeking members of the clergy to lead on this effort, we plan to share this important message to a broad cross-section of voters throughout Michigan.

As a pastor, priest, rabbi or faith leader we are asking you do three things:

  1. Pray for the election of judges who will uphold the rule of law
  2. Add your name to our list of supporters
  3. Share this information throughout your sphere of influence

We will soon be developing a web site and informational video that will include all of the necessary information and tools to help spread the word.

Please contact us at or 517-321-1390 to add your support or for more information.

I hope that you will agree that it is time that we pay attention to the judges we place on the highest court of the state. Time is short and the effects of this Supreme Court election will be long lasting. Join us as we encourage responsible people of faith to be good stewards in the marketplace of ideas.

The preservation of the rule of law and traditional Judeo-Christian values for the next generation demands our involvement today.


[twocol_one]Rev. James Muffett
President[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Tom Pearce
Project Executive[/twocol_one_last]


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