Why The Courts


Arguably, the courts have done more damage to traditional and Judeo-Christian values in America than both the legislative and executive branches combined. For decades, and now more than ever, we have seen our basic and God-ordained freedoms threatened by those who sit on the bench. The Supreme Court is our last line of defense from liberals who seek to circumvent the legislative and executive branches of government for the sake of their destructive agenda.

To defend our values and preserve our priceless freedoms, we must engage the church community. If faith leaders and their followers fail to embrace the importance of electing rule of law judges, the strong constitutional foundation and rule of law framework that has made our country great will continue to weaken and ultimately result in our demise as a free and prosperous people.

To not implement this crucial program in this hour in our culture, with a voting base that can drastically influence elections, could have grave consequences.



Why now? In November 2018 Michigan voters will visit the polls and be asked to decide on a number of races, including several seats on the Supreme Court.

Sadly, judicial races are often overlooked for a couple of reasons. For one, because of their non-partisan status and position on the ballot, voters dismiss their importance. But their neglect is primarily due to a lack of education on the importance of these seats for a healthy justice system. If they do understand the importance, they lack the resources for how to make an impact. For the preservation of rule of law courts, we must educate and encourage voters to pay attention to these races and vote on every portion of the ballot. Afterall, how well this part of the ballot does could influence what our fundamental rights are in the future!!

These fundamental rights are where the faith community and the business community come together as allies. While each may consider certain freedoms to be a greater priority than others, both agree that any fundamental rights lost put all other freedoms at jeopardy.

We have seen an increase of engagement among conservative and religious citizens, for example, with the growth of the tea party movement. But we cannot assume that momentum will continue or be successful for all our causes come Election Day 2018. A proactive and ongoing educational effort must start as soon as possible to identify, equip and engage leaders who have the ability to influence this life-threatening scenario.



To mobilize this community effectively, it takes time for education and relationship building. Unlike a partisan campaign, yard signs, bumper stickers, mass mailings and robo calls at the last minute are not sufficient. To effectively and appropriately engage this community, it takes time, relationships, credibility and the right message.

Because this community has lacked for decades in a true understanding of their freedoms, how the governing process works and their individual responsibilities to hold their government leaders accountable, the re-educating will take a process.

This voting bloc, including both leaders and church members, is very hesitant of anything political. Specifically addressing church leadership, historically they are reluctant and/or resistant to engaging in electoral politics. And when the leader is tepid on an issue, their followers are likely to be more so. Therefore both entities must understand the courts are non-partisan. Both leader and member will find initiation to engage when motivated by fundamental issues vs. party agenda.

But, there is also a higher chance of influence with this community if they are approached through trusted sources. Persuading them to engage will be best conveyed through personal relationships within their churches, their church leadership, or organizations that have long established credibility. And this takes time, a strategic approach and concentrated focus.

CTV has been building bridges for over 25 years between the church voters and the political leaders and Michigan All Rise is an ideal program to implement.



Citizens for Traditional Values is the best established entity in the state to oversee this type of project for the following reasons:

  • The faith-based community is vital to engage for the conservative issues and leaders to win, but they are a skeptical base especially when it comes to partisan politics.
  • CTV has been successfully working with the faith community for over 25 years to educate and build bridges between the government leadership and those in the faith community. Our network among this important community reaches statewide.
  • Partisan politics usually makes their maneuvers based on short-term goals. Our focus is on long-term results with a long-term vision, not only for the Supreme Court, but also for the Court of Appeals and the 600 other judgeships in Michigan. This audience will respond most effectively for a short-term mission, when swayed with a long-term vision. CTV can make this connection.
  • This community is a sensitive, tainted and vulnerable voting bloc. The overall default of the faith community is to not engage at all. Plus, they are especially hesitant when party entities – even those with pure motives – are pushing their agenda. The church network is more amiable to hearing the importance of engagement through a third entity, such as a non-partisan organization like Citizens for Traditional Values.

We have a program formed, a strategy in place, cultural leaders prepared to engage, and strong conviction to do what we can to preserve our freedoms for generations to come. And the battle for our future’s liberties starts with preserving our Rule of Law courts.